Projects are unique, they do not form part of your ‘everyday’ activities, but as your businesses grows, you will incorporate more and more projects into your business and marketing plans.


We have seen a big increase in the demand for specialist project support.

Our clients appreciate the additional resources and expertise that our team can provide as an already existing and trusted supplier.

We work closely with all of our clients to ensure that projects are successfully delivered and completed on time and within budget.

Project support covers a wide spectrum of business and marketing services.

  • Do you need help with a graphic design project? Perhaps it’s time for a business re-brand or refresh?
  • Could your business benefit from organising your contacts into a CRM and setting-up trackable work flows and sales pipelines?
  • Would sending a regular MailChimp campaign help to raise awareness of your products, services and increase customer engagement?
  • Do you have some website niggles that need ironing out? Would you like to add some new content or functionality onto your site?

We can review your existing processes, systems, including your website and branding and offer advice and support with ways to improve or streamline the above, where appropriate.

Using the CRM as an example, by setting-up a cloud based, master database for your business and creating the desired workflows within this. You can have confidence that all your data, contacts and important information relating to your prospects and clients are in one secure, easily accessible place. A key tool for tracking communication and movement of leads through your sales pipeline.

By setting-up a MailChimp account and designing a fully branded template you, (or we can assist) with creating and sending regular e-shots, newsletters and campaigns to your subscribers.

Email marketing is a great tool to incorporate within your wider marketing plan as another way of keeping prospects and clients up to date with any special offers, events, training courses, new services and case studies.

We pride ourselves on working hard for our clients and we are always happy to share our ideas for improving the desired outcomes for your business.

Working remotely, we can also provide temporary cover for any existing PA and project administrative roles. This may be as cover for any employees on long-term sickness, maternity leave or simply to cover gaps within recruitment.

It’s been great having Louise’s regular and professional input into my projects. She is very efficient, affable and highly organised. Louise’s help has released me to focus on the areas that I need to, confident in the knowledge that the day-to-day running and oversight of matters are being taken care of.

-Neerja Jain, Kidney Research UK

You can learn more about our project support services and temporary cover in this case study.

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