Debunking common myths and misconceptions about working with a VA

Common Myths and Misconceptions About Working With a VA

Have you heard some of the common myths and misconceptions about working with a VA? Or, perhaps you’ve not thought about using VA support and assistance services before, or have hesitations because of some of those myths you’ve heard? In this blog, we debunk those misconceptions and prove that working with a VA is one of the best moves you can make to support your business right now.

In the current climate, the shape of your business and day to day activities may have changed. Possibly subtly by moving to remote working but in other instances, you may find that your business needs have changed more dramatically as you take your business online and find new ways of working.

The inevitable ‘new-normal’ is affecting everyone in different ways and to keep afloat you may need to look at new and flexible ways of working or pivoting your business focus.

Common myths and misconceptions about working with a VA

Using a VA service is a fantastic way to support your day to day activities and maintain the structure of your business to ensure long term success.

Common Myth: “I can’t afford a VA – it’s too expensive!”

There’s a myth that working with a VA can be costly but we offer packages starting from only £5 a day – less than 2 fancy coffees a day (or 1 if you like them grande!) so everyone can benefit from dedicated VA support every month.

How often do you buy lunch, coffee, snacks etc. every day without batting an eyelid at the cost, but the perceived cost of administrative support is too expensive!

£5 a day is a small amount to invest in your business to receive dedicated, experienced administrative support every month.

We offer a range of daily services including checking email, responding to general enquiries, flagging important/urgent issues, diary management and internet research projects.

We also offer temporary support if you are currently understaffed or need to step away to spend time with your children or family, at all times knowing that your business is in safe hands.

We have recently revamped our VA and administrative support packages so we are offering even more attractive and affordable options, plus we also now offer a Taster package for anyone new to working with a VA.

Common Myth: “It’s quicker if I do it myself!”

A common misconception is that by taking on all of your tasks alone, by yourself means you will get the job/s done quicker.

You know the ins and outs of your business better than anyone so it’ll be faster if you do the job yourself right? Or maybe you’re concerned you don’t have the time to delegate, so it will be difficult and bothersome to explain what needs doing to someone else?

OK, so doing a one-off task means this myth is actually probably right, but taking the time to teach someone else how to carry out the task, is a real investment.

Once you’ve taught someone else how to do the task efficiently, you’ll gain more time back in your schedule, plus don’t forget you’re only one person. It can be hard to admit, but maybe you’re fantastic at sales or creative solutions but admin just isn’t your forte. Or, maybe you just find some tasks boring, but they need to be done.

So… if you delegate and explain where you need to, you can spend your time on the things you love doing and focus your energy and expertise on growing your business instead.

If you’re unsure about where to start or figuring out what to delegate check out our Do, Delay, Delegate and Dump blog along with the tips below to help you make a time investment and gains in the long run.

Tips to delegate effectively:

  • Read this blog before you start!
  • Break down tasks/projects into bite-sized chunks/individual steps.
  • Use an organisation system like Trello where you create a column per task and add individual cards to define the individual steps to be taken to complete the task.
  • Demonstrate completing a task using a screen recording app or using a flow diagram, so it’s easy to follow.
  • The most empowering form of delegation occurs when you are able to give up most of your control over a tasks/project and unburden yourself of extraneous tasks.
Use Trello cards to organise tasks

Working with a VA is the best way to receive ongoing business support and assistance, plus, you’ll also have a flexible, professional service available to you at very low cost with the benefits of increased productivity and workflow. Hopefully, we have shown that not all common myths and misconceptions about working with a VA are true!

We’ve seen how regular Virtual Assistant support makes such a big difference to businesses and business owners through specialising in working with established or growing, owner-managed businesses with a driven growth-mindset.

For more information on the benefits of working a VA and how we can help support your business needs please contact us via email or on Twitter.


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