A day in the life of a small business owner

Setting up in business is a big achievement for many, but maintaining a business is a far greater challenge.

Too many small business owners work excessively long hours and lose sight of the dream for a better work-life balance, which ironically is one of the main drivers for them becoming their own boss.

One contributing factor for the above is fear of losing control; that the wheels will stop turning without them (founder dependence).

As the business grows it becomes harder to let go of certain decisions and responsibilities. However this is exactly the right time to start thinking about expanding your team and implementing a contingency plan, to successfully handle growth.

Whilst networking recently I was talking to a local tradesman about this very subject. He was telling me how well his business was doing, but after his Wife recently returned back to work he was struggling to juggle everything himself after losing his admin support.

The sentence he used to describe his current situation was… ‘I’m exhausted before I even start my day job’. A statement I’m sure sounds only too familiar.

Many small business owners NEED and WANT support but are unable to justify the cost of taking on an employee.

Could working with a Virtual Assistant be right for you and your business?

If you’re experiencing ‘overwhelm’ within your business, take some time out to think through all of the activities you carry out as a small business owner.

Make a list and ask yourself the following:

  • What jobs and tasks are you currently undertaking?
  • Are these activities maximising the best use of your time and knowledge?
  • Do you enjoy carrying out these tasks?
  • Could any of these tasks be removed, automated or outsourced?

We offer the following core services:

  • Administration
  • Bookkeeping
  • Call handling
  • Transcription


‘Virtual Assistants are a lifeline for many businesses.’

For an hourly fee less than the cost of temps, or the true cost of employees, businesses can take advantage of professional assistance and a variety of skills at the click of a mouse.

When you use a Virtual Assistant you receive all the benefits of outsourcing – no employer liabilities, tax and benefits issues, coupled with the loyalty and steadiness of a company employee.
A day ONLY contains 24 hours…

and how we spend this time is what separates people who enjoy lives full of happiness, fulfilment and success from those who experience lives filled with frustration, disappointment and often failure.

After reading this blog, do you need to revisit and redefine your role as a small business owner?

What changes are going to be necessary in order to help you realise and achieve your personal and business goals?

Our team at Indigo Eleven are highly experienced professionals who are here to support YOU and YOUR business.

We will listen to your frustrations; discuss options and implement solutions, streamline processes and provide knowledge and expertise as required – so please get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

Finally, ask yourself; are you courageous enough to start taking those first few steps towards change?… we really do hope so.


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