6 Reasons Why You Should be Using Microsoft Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch

6 Reasons Why You Should be Using MS Snipping Tool (and Snip & Sketch)

You may have recently heard about the magic that is Microsoft Snipping Tool after it instigated an unprecedented trend and discussion on social media. The tool itself has been around for a few years, but widespread news of its uses have only just come to light, with many Windows users confused about how the tool has passed them by.

After receiving such positive reviews from so many users (and being one of my own personal favourites), we thought we’d share some of the top uses for this powerful, time-saving tool and its sidekick app, Snip & Sketch.

What is MS Snipping Tool?

Microsoft Snipping Tool is a screenshot function of Windows, originally launched alongside Windows Vista in 2007. Since the update to Windows 10, it’s grown hugely in popularity and the application is now used by many end-users from Teachers to Administrators and Virtual Assistants!

The tool takes snapshots of open windows (or tabs), rectangular areas, free-form areas, or it can take an entire screenshot. You can then make changes and annotations to these “Snips” using a mouse or tablet and simply storing these as an image file. The Snip can also be saved as an HTML file, copied and pasted directly into the bosy of an email, or sent as an attachment.

The tool massively increases productivity by speeding up typically lengthy processes. You no longer have to save a page or export an image as if you’re going to print it, and then having to use external software to crop and alter the image (Yep, we’ve all been there!)

The Snipping Tool provides us with the functionality to take a snapshot to copy words or images from all, or part of your PC screen, make changes or notes, then save and share – all in a matter of seconds.

Top Tip: Use cmd+shift+F3 for a full screen snapshot or cmd+shift+F4 to capture a Snip.

What can I use Snipping Tool for?

  • Use the app to take Snips of Trello or other organisational tools, then annotate or draw directly onto the image to highlight comments or changes required. A lifesaver for when working collaboratively!
  • Capture images or pieces of information from documents to include within PowerPoint presentations (this is really helpful if you need to copy and paste data or graphs).
  • Snip quotations and citations directly into PDF’s for work documents or for remote learning. (You can also print snips directly without adding them to existing documents or having to crop or alter them beforehand!)
  • Use the tool to copy and paste screen Snips into emails, to create a personalised email signature.
  • Copy and paste a Snip on your website or within an email to share a pinned location on a map when sending out invitations to meetings and events.
  • Use Snipping Tool to capture a drop-down menu or other items on websites that disappear when you no longer hover over them.

Top Tip: Pin the Snipping tool app to your Taskbar or Start menu so it’s always in a handy and accessible position for when you need it.

What is Snip & Sketch?

Snip & Sketch is another Windows 10 screenshot app you can use to capture a screenshot or snip an open window, rectangular areas, a free-form area, or the entire screen.

When you open Snipping Tool, you’ll see an invitation and keyboard shortcut to Snip & Sketch which will allow you to take and annotate screenshots, save to clipboard and share as Snipping Tool also allows.

Snip & Sketch also allows for basic image editing of the snapshot using coloured pens, pencils, an eraser and a highlighter. However, the delay function included is more basic. Unfortunately for some, Snipping Tool is being phased out and replaced with Snip & Sketch, so use it whilst you can!

We regularly use the Snipping Tool within our day as part of our VA duties. For more information on the benefits of working a VA and how we can help support your business needs please contact us.

Let us know your best tips for using MS Snipping Tool in the comments below.


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